About the Thermal Water of Hajduszoboszlo

the thermal water of hajduszoboszlo

In 1925, Hajduszoboszlo, during a search – drilling for oil; thermal water appeared from the depth, 1100 m, at 75-celsius degrees.  According to the analyses it turned out that the water contained iodine, bromine, salt, hydrocarbon as well as bitumen ( including estrogen) and different trace elements: vanadium, copper, zinc, silver, strontium, barium, lead.

Contents(mg/I)          OKI (1994)
Kálium K+11,3
Nátrium Na+1530
Ammónium Nh414,8
Kálcium Ca2+8,6
Magnézium Mg2+5,4
Vas Fe2+0,79
Mangán Mn2+
Lítium Li+0,2
Aluminium Al+++
Nitrát NO3
Nitrit No2
Klorid Cl2-1495
Bromid Br-9,8
Jodid J-5,5
Fluorid F-1,7
Szulfát SO42-37
Hidrogénkarbonát HCO3-1790
Szulfid S2-0,16
Összes foszfát PO43-0,25
Karbonát CO32-9,0
Metaborsav HBO284
Metakovasav H2SiO352
Szabad szénsav Co2
Oldott oxigén O2nyom
Arzén As 84


Thermal water bath therapies in our spa have a beneficial effect on the presence of the following illnesses:

  • Chronic joint inflammation ( polyarthritis Chr. sec. )
  • Degenerative joint problems ( arthrosis ) 3. Different acute inflammatory degenerative problems of the spine ( spondylosis M. Bechterew; chondrosis )
  • Chronic problems, inflammations of the nervous system ( neuralgia; neuritis )
  • Rehabilitation from Heine – Medin disease; cerebral hemorrhage, brain operation or follow – up treatment from any paralyzes
  • Acute muscle pains ( myalgia )
  • Rehabilitation from general and sport injuries
  • Stimulates appearance of callus in case of bone breaks – being recovered with difficulties
  • Certain locomotor disorders
  • Chronic gynecological problems
  • Infertility
  • Acute skin problems


Is not recommended to visit the spa for those who are suffering from the following diseases:

  • Acute inflammatory diseases
  • Any forms of cancer or far gone malignant tumor
  • Circulatory disorder
  • Serious raise of blood – pressure
  • Tuberculosis diseases
  • Serious illness of the central nervous system
  • Contagious diseases
  • Contagious skin disease
  • Pregnancy

source: hungarospa

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